7 Reasons SureSmile Will Become Your Go-To Clear Aligner System

Looking for ways to upgrade your digital treatment planning and 3D modeling so that you can keep up with the technology of today?

This infographic outlines the features of Dentsply Sirona’s clear aligner option for clinicians, SureSmile® Aligner, where you can start with a digital impression, take a 2D or 3D image, upload patient facial photos, develop, submit and approve the treatment plan, and have aligners produced all within one system.

Click the infographic below to download.

SureSmile® Aligner

  •  Ceph registered to 3D model and smile photo supports more biologically achievable outcomes that enable shorter, efficient treatment times.
  • Choose Complete for greater flexibility in full arch treatment. Choose Select for a flexible platform for aligners or hybrid treatment plans
  • Treatment plans are digitally designed with ABO® graded finish*
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