SureSmile® Aligner

  •  Ceph registered to 3D model and smile photo supports more biologically achievable outcomes that enable shorter, efficient treatment times.
  • Choose Complete for greater flexibility in full arch treatment. Choose Select for a flexible platform for aligners or hybrid treatment plans
  • Treatment plans are digitally designed with ABO® graded finish*

The SureSmile Ortho (IDB) software platform delivers multiple options:

“When it comes to aligners, the SureSmile Ortho platform is all about versatility. I can use it for anything from comprehensive treatment to limited alignment and active retainers. Plus, I have the choice of having them fabricated for me in SureSmile’s digital technology center or making the appliances in-house. When it comes to pricing I can choose Complete and get unlimited aligners or Select and pay-per-aligner. This system truly puts control back in the hands of the orthodontist.” – 
Dr. Cory Costanzo, DDS, MSD
Fresno, CA

Dr. Cory Costanzo, DDS, MS
Fresno, CA

Now, a comprehensive digital orthodontics provider.

Full-Service Fabricated SureSmile Aligner
Choose from Complete or Select systems for aligners your way. Complete
offers a flat rate price with unlimited aligners and free refinements for three
years, while Select is a flexible alternative for aligner and hybrid treatment where you pay only for the aligners you need.
• Lab-created setup and staging
• Evaluate and accept plan
• Print or export 3D models
• Aligner Case (includes Therapeutic model, setup and staging)

Do-it-Yourself Aligner Staging
For practices that have 3D printers, vacuum pressure machines or want to do their own treatment plans and prefer to insource various parts of the workflow there is a range of DIY options.
• Diagnostic model
• Create and evaluate setup
• Automated staging and adjust attachments
• Print or export 3D models
• Aligners

Indirect Bonding (IDB)
• Bracket placement and evaluation
• Ability to segment
• Fast, accurate transfer
• Diagnostic model
• IDB tray
• Export IDB file

Designed to delight users from the fundamental to the more advanced.

We know that Orthodontists’ needs are not one-size-fits-all and our patented software was built on this premise to ensure that the software can grow with you and it’s under your discretion to embrace more advanced features. An orthodontist can start out using SureSmile Ortho easy-to-learn features for treatment options and then move to SureSmile Advanced to expand their toolkit. Either way, you’ll have unparalleled training and support every step of the way.

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We’ll bring lunch to your office and provide a hands-on demonstration for you and your staff.**

*SureSmile automated quality scoring methods were designed and implemented in accordance with ABO Calibration Kit. ABO is not a registered trademark of Dentsply Sirona; no endorsement is implied. **Some geographical restrictions may apply.
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