SureSmile case report: DIY aligner generalized spacing case for superior control and cost-effective treatment

Dr. Edward Y. Lin

Dr. Edward Y. Lin discusses the steps to an affordable clear aligner treatment option

Figure 1. AP – Initial Records

As the old saying goes, “With age comes wisdom.” This is most certainly true with what I have seen transpire over the past 20 years with the inception and development of clear aligner therapy in orthodontics. As a technology embracer and young orthodontist, I readily embraced Invisalign® when it first came to market in 1999 and started my first Invisalign patient nearly 20 years ago in November of that year. Invisalign was without a doubt a disruptive dental technology, and it has forever changed the way we all practice orthodontics because it is a highly desirable treatment option for patients seeking esthetic orthodontic treatment. In addition, Invisalign will forever be known as the first digital orthodontic treatment modality invented by the founders of Align Technology, Zia Chisti and Kelsey Wirth. However, in October of 2017, approximately 40 of Align’s patents expired, which has paved the way for many new clear aligner competitors to  come to market.1 With this recent development, orthodontists now have multiple options for clear aligner treatment and at different price points to offer to our patients, which I personally feel is a great thing for orthodontists and, most importantly, for our patients to have different options for treatment. In this case report, I am going to review a generalized spacing case that I treated utilizing SureSmile’s software applications.

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Orthodontic treatment with SureSmile® Aligners

Dr. Antonino G. Secchi, DMD, MS

Dr. Antonino G. Secchi details a patient’s treatment using aligners, integrating data from intraoral scanning and CBCT imaging

Patient Amy N., a 45-year-old female, consulted for orthodontic treatment with the chief complaint of “my back teeth are leaning inward; I have spaces when I smile.” 

Figures 1A-1C: Initial extraoral photos. On Figure 1C, notice the “narrow” smile and “black corridors,” which were the main chief complaint of the patient
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7 Reasons SureSmile Will Become Your Go-To Clear Aligner System

Looking for ways to upgrade your digital treatment planning and 3D modeling so that you can keep up with the technology of today?

This infographic outlines the features of Dentsply Sirona’s clear aligner option for clinicians, SureSmile® Aligner, where you can start with a digital impression, take a 2D or 3D image, upload patient facial photos, develop, submit and approve the treatment plan, and have aligners produced all within one system.

Click the infographic below to download.

The Digital Convert

What Happened When Dr. Buchler Said Yes to One Year of Digital Treatment Planning

Dr. Amy Buchler, DMD

Dr. Amy E Buchler is a successful orthodontist with two offices in the Modesto, CA area. She’s been involved with SureSmile® since 2012, using it for a handful of cases each year. Last year Dr. Buchler accepted the SureSmile conversion challenge in which she agreed to use the SureSmile digital treatment platform for all of her cases for a full year. We recently sat down with Dr. Buchler to discuss how the challenge has gone.

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What I’ve Learned About SureSmile® Aligners

Dr. Shalin Shah, DMD, MS

Aligner therapy and aligner technology are rapidly growing and evolving within the orthodontic and dental professions. Driven in part by patients requiring more esthetic treatment modalities, our increased understanding of aligner therapy, and the advancement in aligner treatment planning and delivery, aligners have changed the deliverables for plastic from a decade ago. The capabilities and uses as well as case selection have advanced significantly over the years and now have a place in each practice. In fact in our own offices, they’ve grown in use from being less than 2% ten years ago to far more than that today and many practices have seen similar increases in aligner utilization.

Recently, Dentsply Sirona introduced the SureSmile Aligner platform. We were curious to learn what was behind the digital platform and aligner technology, and subsequently, we immersed ourselves in learning about the system since last July and have recently started treating patients with it.

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